Kairos vs. Chronos

In New Testament Greek there are two words that are translated into “time” in English. One is “chronos” (from which we get the English words chronic and chronology) which represents “clock time”. Time that can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

The other Greek word for “time” is kairos, which may be best translated as “moments”. Kairos represents memorable events, available opportunities, special situations. For example: “It is Tebow time!” (Sorry NY Jets fans, just can’t resist!)

We fill up our space with objects – the car go in the garage, TV, sofa and coffee table fill up the living room. We fill up our chronos time with tasks – commuting, working, cleaning, and church going.

Our kairos time, on the other hand, is filled up with people, especially people we love. Kairos time is your first glance at that special someone, your weddings, birth of a child, graduations, glorious victories and bitter defeats.

As we have been discussing Sabbath, let me ask you this question: Is Sabbath chronos time or kairos time for you personally?


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