Space-time duality part 2

When you walk into a Christian household, it is not uncommon to find Christian decorations hanging on a wall somewhere. Sometimes it is a simple cross, or it might be an inspirational verse. You will also find most probably a copy of the Bible on the bookshelf or at the corner of the desk in the study.

It is not difficult for us to devote”space” to the Lord. We can devote a wall, a shelf, or even build a shrine. After all we have more walls to decorate, more book shelves to fill. After every room has been filled, we can find a bigger house.

We have control over space, so we think. We can travel long distance via planes, trains and automobiles. We pick our devotional space to our convenience. If it is not convenient, we can leave the Bible in its rightful place on the bookshelf without reading it. The rich have more space, the powerful can even invade into other people’s space.

Time is different. No one controls time. The rich and the poor both have 24 hours to a day. It is ultimately fair.

When we observe Sabbath in time, we’ll quickly discover that Sabbath does not come at our convenience. It comes unceasingly, once every 7 days. We cannot control it and tell it to go away and come back when we “have time”. No wonder so many of us have chosen to run away from observing Sabbath!

The true meaning of Sabbath is faith – belief in a graceful God who is in control of our daily lives. May I boldly suggest that you give our Lord the control of your time and really observe Sabbath?


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