The “E” word

Genesis 1:2

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Genesis 1

Today, we focus on the schedule of God creation. When we put the days of creation in a table we’ll get this:

Day 1: Light Day 4: Sun, Moon, Stars
Day 2: Sea and Sky Day 5: Fish and Birds
Day 3: Land,Plants Day 6: Animals,Human

Day 7: Sabbath

We can see the relation between the left column (day 1,2,3) and the right column (day 4,5,6). Using political lingo, what was created on day 1,2,3 are the domains, what was created on day 4,5,6 are the rulers of those domains. I am more of a scientist than a politician – so I like to use more environmental words, habitats and inhabitants. In fact, the Hebrew words that NIV translates as “formless” and “empty” carries the meaning as “uninhabitable” and “uninhabited”.

God did not create Life in a vacuum. God created lives within their Environments (The “E” word). For the Israelite (who were the original audiences of this message) God was not sending them into a barren desert. Instead God had prepared for them a “Land of milk and honey”. The habitat was ready and it is waiting for its rightful inhabitants.

God never hangs us out to dry. God doesn’t put us in an environment where we are doomed. God intends for us to flourish in our environments.

In our modern workplace, our environment consists not only of land, sea, sky and plants, (although those are still very important). Our work environment has buildings, it has culture, it has technology. As God’s agents, how do we shape and modify our work environment where we can all flourish? Or do we feel that we have been hung out to dry?


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