Where fifteen minutes over lunch is going…

Right now (10/2012) it is a blog which should have one post each “work day”. Each post should be a fifteen minute devotion that is focused on work and issues at work.

Next milestone, Lord willing, would be after around 90 pieces of devotional material has been accumulated. (Which should be around Christmas 2012) .At that point, I plan to add more bells and whistles – better graphics, mailing lists, subscriptions, facebook, etc. Also material will be re-organized by theme and series. Hopefully, fifteenminutesoverlunch.com will evolve into a useful online resource/library.

Beyond that, I have many wishes – including fifteenminutesoverlunch – Chinese edition, fifteenminutesoverlunch “live”, fifteenminutesoverlunch for college students, and fifteenminutesoverlunch for small group.

Most important of all, is that readers of this blog will become my friends and friends with each other. That we will openly share scriptures and God’s inspiration at our workplace. My sincere hope is that all our readers will become contributors.


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